About This Blog

This blog is essentially the core of my Sabbatical project, which is currently entitled “The Spirituality of Work, Spiritual Discipline, and Leisure”.

I pastor a Congregational church in Rockland, Maine, have a family, and a couple of dogs.

My hope is to update this blog regularly. I will be reading some books about work, spiritual disciplines, and leisure. And I will be taking some time to explore each of the subjects. Obviously, the subjects are intimately connected, so there is a lot of crossover.

Also, the traditional approach to a sabbatical is to take months off at a time, doing some special project, or just relaxing. I do not think the state of the church in general, and my church in particular, does not allow for this kind of approach. Personally, I feel like a more integrated approach that does not leave the church out of the process is more helpful to the congregation and myself.

We will see how it all unfolds. I am looking forward to the experience!