Councils and Ministries

Mission Statement

Rockland Congregational Church is a community of caring people:

  • gathering in worship, service and fellowship in order to discover God’s presence in our individual and shared lives, and grow in spiritual understanding and maturity; and
  • sharing our Christian love and generosity with the greater community.


We covenant with God and with one another to seek God’s will as taught in the Holy Scriptures, to walk together in the ways of the Lord, to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ to all people, and to depend upon the continued guidance of the Holy Spirit to lead us into all truth. 


We acknowledge Jesus Christ as the head of this church, and find in the Holy Scriptures, interpreted by the Divine Spirit through reason, faith and conscience, our guidance in matters of faith and discipline. 


We recognize the Bible as our rule of faith and practice, and hold that living in accordance with the teachings of Jesus Christ is the true basis of fellowship. Each member shall have the undisturbed right to follow the Word of God according to the dictates of conscience, under the enlightenment of the Holy Spirit. 


Congregationalists recognize two sacraments: The Lord’s Supper, open to all who wish to participate, and Baptism , for infants or adults, as a ceremony of commitment to the Lord’s ways. 

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