About Congregationalism

About Congregationalism

Congregationalism in America traces its roots to the Pilgrims; people who believed that every person had the freedom to interpret God’s Word on an individual basis and the obligation to do so responsibly. In that tradition, the Congregational Church of Rockland is a free and independent church. 

As a non-creedal church, participation in the sacraments is open to all. We believe that God wants us to find joy in life through God’s work and that this joy should be reflected in our love for one another. Congregationalists share with other Protestant faiths a belief in Christ Jesus as the Son of God. The Congregational tradition is grounded in covenant-making and each church determines for itself how they will commit themselves to God and one another. To get a sense of the guiding principles of a Congregational Church, look at the covenant of the church. Ours is here

Each Congregational church is autonomous. There are no religious authorities in oversight of individual congregations. Each congregation is responsible for its form of worship, its property, and its financial and ministerial needs.   In Congregationalism there is a wide diversity of thought and we respect all denominations in their search for the truth. Fellowship, the arts and community service are cultivated as a means to explore and celebrate the wonder of all of God’s creation. 

We are in association with the National Association of Congregational Christian Churches and the Congregational Christian Council of Maine.

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